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Healthcare is still on-trend, according to AmanatMENA

Healthcare is still on-trend, according to Amanat

Dubai’s Amanat Holdings closed a $12.5m acquisition of Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Centre’s real estate assets in Abu Dhabi yesterday. The deal comes just six months after Amanat acquired Cambridge Medical itself for $232m, one of the Gulf region’s largest healthcare sector deals.

Amanat Holdings specializes in healthcare and education investments all over the GCC and is traded on the Dubai Financial Market. Amanat made the acquisition of Cambridge Medical’s real estate assets through its social infrastructure platform, which it’s hoping will help it build a “sizeable and diversified portfolio of real estate assets with a sustainable and resilient yield.”

The newly acquired real estate includes 6,000 square meters of land with inpatient and outpatient facilities, as well as three gyms.

why it matters

Amanat's recent acquisition falls right in line with its playbook of investing in the underlying real estate and technology of companies in its portfolio. The company seems to be on the up and up, having swung back into a net profit in the second quarter of this year after a tough 2020.