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You’re gonna regret ghosting SnapINTL

You’re gonna regret ghosting Snap

Shares of Snap Inc. (SNAP), parent company of the popular social media app Snapchat, finished February close to record highs amid selloffs across the broad tech sector.

Snap has been experimenting with an augmented reality feature that allows Snapchat users to virtually try on products before purchasing them. Just last week, Snap hosted its first investor day where executives outlined the company’s vision for growing revenues through the use of more engaging advertising and innovations in augmented reality.

According to senior product director Peter Sellis, Snap is “in a position to drive multiple years of 50%-plus revenue growth.”

why it matters
Snap's focus on innovations in augmented reality is music to the ears of investors concerned that the company has peaked in growth. Shares of SNAP are up over 30% YTD.