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What do the public markets, UFC, and Musk have in common?INTL

What do the public markets, UFC, and Musk have in common?

The answer is: Endeavor.

Second time might be the charm for the entertainment giant, which just filed for an initial public offering after its previous flopped attempt back in 2019. This time around, it’s planning a $100m-sized IPO (although that’s just a placeholder amount for now) on the NYSE under the ticker “EDR.”

The firm currently has stakes in the mixed martial arts sports league UFC, though it plans to buy the remaining 49.9% stake in UFC once it goes public. Endeavour also likes to keep good company — its current clientele includes A-list celebs like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, and Serena Williams, and it recently appointed Elon Musk to its board of directors.

why it matters
In 2019, Endeavor binned a $600m IPO at the last minute due to “unfavorable market conditions” — though many argue it got cold feet after seeing how badly Peloton debuted that same week. We're guessing that it now wants to take advantage of the upbeat IPO market (and maybe even Musk’s hype) to finally go public.