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The world’s best gaming processor …?INTL

The world’s best gaming processor …?

Apple (AAPL) might’ve gone Intel-free, but the CPU OG still isn’t going down without a fight. US-based Intel (INTC) is set to release the 12th generation of its trademark CPU chips in the next few days and it looks like they’re being branded as an all-in-one gaming powerhouse.

Intel’s previous 11th generation line-up was lackluster by many counts with users complaining about slow performance and many shifting to alternative chipmakers like AMD. The new lineup is being advertised as a key partner for Microsoft’s (MSFT) new Windows 11. While the chips are said to be Intel’s biggest upgrade ever with a completely new motherboard and design, it remains to be seen until testing how it compares against Apple’s M1 chips and AMD’s processors.  

why it matters

Intel’s stock has been up 0.4% since yesterday, but after a tumble in recent days due to an unimpressive earnings release late last week. With AMD’s market share in the chip sector reaching a 14-year high in mid-August, Intel’s work on the new lineup shows that its taking its competition seriously now.