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Paramount+ fighting for your attention on the streaming battlefieldINTL

Paramount+ fighting for your attention on the streaming battlefield

The facelift of the multimedia era – the rebrand. News of CBS All Access’s rebrand to Paramount+ has attracted opinions near and wide.

Initially set to launch in the US and Latin America, Paramount+ is offering a plethora of choices from movies to music, cartoons to comedy, as well as live programming such as sports and news — not to mention the new CGI-based Rugrats (voiced by the original cast). Millennials everywhere: rejoice! 

The new streaming service recently had a three-hour promo event led by ViacomCBS, indicating a strong push for the success of the rebrand and platform.

why it matters
With loads of cult-classics and family favorites, Paramount+ could potentially be a hot contender for the fight for on-demand glory. But, only time will tell whether Paramount+ can compete with the market domination of Netflix and Amazon Prime.