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Oxford Nanopore fights for the London IPO spotlightINTL

Oxford Nanopore fights for the London IPO spotlight

Watch out New York, London is coming for you! Another major tech IPO is joining the City — this time courtesy of Oxford Nanopore with a side of Sci-Fi vibes.

The firm was initially founded as a spin-out from Oxford University and is now at the forefront of real-time DNA sequencing revolution (anyone having Black Mirror flashbacks?). Oxford Nanopore helped with sequencing SARS-CoV-2 virus genomes and developed its own diagnostic test for Covid-19 last year, which is widely used by the UK’s National Health Service.

why it matters
Oxford Nanopore is one of the UK’s few unicorn startups, valued at £2.3b ($3.17b). At such a high value, it will surely make waves with its London Stock Exchange float in the second half of the year.