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Operation 300bMENA

Operation 300b

Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has announced a huge, new strategic plan called “Operation 300b”.

While it sounds like the title of a Tom Cruise movie, Operation 300b is actually an initiative intended to boost the country’s industrial sector over the next decade from AED 133b to AED 300b ($81b) — hence, the fitting name!

The UAE’s industrial sector is one of the largest contributors to its economy — about 20% of its GDP. Operation 300b means that funding in research and development for companies across the industrial sector (including manufacturing, water and gas, construction, mining, and electricity) will increase too.

why it matters
Operation 300b is just the latest move by a GCC country toward diversification, as the pandemic highlighted the need for countries to invest internally and rely less on imports. Not a bad idea to consider a career shift to the industrial sector, either!