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Google committed to build the holy grail of searchINTL

Google committed to build the holy grail of search

Google is piloting a new feature that will make Instagram and TikTik videos available on searches made on mobile devices, in a dedicated section. The feature builds on an earlier test conducted by Google wherein the Google Discover section introduced a “Short Videos” carousel, which aggregated social video from social platforms, including Tangi, Trell, and YouTube.

Google is facing intense competition from social media apps (including Instagram and TikTok) for the attention of users. This feature is anticipated to help Google retain users searching for social video entertainment within its digital ecosystem. And so, rather than fighting them head-on by introducing a similar social offer, it seems that Google has, instead, decided to take on an inclusive approach by extending viewership and searchability through its own platform. 

It’s worth noting that Google has been indexing video content since 2015, which has come in handy in its recent efforts to enhance its search function in this way.

why it matters
Overall, this approach will benefit Google as its search feature is further strengthened since its users will have less reason to leave its platform to find content. In turn, this will cement Google's position as the leading search engine in the world.