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GogoX wants its own IPO action tooINTL

GogoX wants its own IPO action too

Someone’s having big-time FOMO! Hong Kong’s GogoX is reportedly mulling over its own IPO, which could happen before the end of the year, and will likely raise between $400-500m.

GogoX is an app-based, on-demand delivery services platform prevalent in many countries across Asia. If the logistics unicorn does decide to ship itself to the public markets, its valuation could rise to $2b.

Rumor has it that the firm is in talks with different banks about the public offering, and is also considering everyone’s favorite option at the moment — a SPAC merger, of course!

why it matters
GogoX faces tough competition in the crowded delivery services industry, which has grown massively since the pandemic. But if rival Didi Chuxing’s own IPO aspirations are anything to go by (the Chinese ride-hailing is aiming for a $62b valuation post-debut), it’s best that GogoX hops on the IPO train sooner rather than later.