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DoorDash experiments further with roboticsINTL

DoorDash experiments further with robotics

Door-Dashing into the kitchen they go!

DoorDash (DASH) is buying Chowbotics, a robotics firm most known for its kitchen robot, Sally. Sally is a vending machine-type, six-foot-tall, salad-dispensing robot that is any tech-foodie’s dream. Sally is also a pandemic-friendly way to serve people healthy food thanks to its touch-free interface and integrated contactless payment solutions.

Chowbotics has raised around $21m in funding so far and has been working with other robotics companies (eg Starship Technologies) to create more innovation in the food and beverage industry.

why it matters
It is still unclear how DoorDash will incorporate Chowbotics technology in their current services, but it seems that the company is trying to find ways to diversify beyond food delivery services.