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Buzz off, FortniteINTL

Buzz off, Fortnite

Fortnite is in a bit of a spat with Apple (APPL) and things aren’t pretty. Epic Games, the developer, was informed by the Cupertino-based company that its Fortnite game would no longer be available on the Apple App Store.

Both Epic Games and Apple have been in a legal dispute since last year when Apple removed Fortnite temporarily because of the game’s own in-app payment system. According to Apple’s rules, all apps are required to process their in-app purchases through the company itself, which is a nifty requirement given that Apple charges a 30% commission on those payments. In response to the removal, Epic Games sued Apple over accusations that the latter was running the App Store as a monopoly. While the court ruled early this month that Apple couldn’t stop apps from using other payment processing options, it also said that Apple was within its rights to remove any app it chooses. The most recent removal could be permanent as Apple said it would stay in place until the dispute is resolved, which could take years.

why it matters

The 30 million registered app developers on the iOS platform now have to mind not getting on Apple’s bad side when working on new features. The company’s stock isn’t faring well with the dispute either as it’s been down by 1.3% over the last five days.