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Apple vs. Corellium – setback at handINTL

Apple vs. Corellium – setback at hand

Apple has faced a setback in its trial against Corellium, a security company that offers a virtualized version of iOS for security testing. The courts upheld Corellium’s use of the Apple code as fair use and dismissed Apple’s copyright claims. However, the court deferred its decision on a stand-alone charge under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Apple initially filed the suit against Corellium, claiming copyright issues, back in August 2019, and added DMCA violations the following January. The dismissal of the copyright violation claim is a substantial blow for Apple, who, previously, was considering an acquisition of Corellium before talks fell apart (a definitive case of grapes turned sour). 

why it matters
The key contention here is whether, in the instance of identifying bugs and further security research, technology providers themselves can troubleshoot vulnerabilities or whether third-party providers are needed to build security protocols. It seems the courts have sided with the latter.