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Anghami packs its bags and heads to Abu DhabiMENA

Anghami packs its bags and heads to Abu Dhabi

Audio streaming platform Anghami is moving homes in the middle of a pandemic (who isn’t?!). The Lebanese company is heading to Abu Dhabi to set up its global headquarters, as well as an R&D unit.

Anghami will be leveraging the series of incentives that Abu Dhabi’s government entities provide select tech startups. Once the move is finished, Anghami will have access to a host of benefits such as capital, office space, and talent.

Anghami was also recently in the news for having sold a stake to investment company Shuaa Capital as part of a funding round. 

why it matters
This is a win-win situation for the emirate and Anghami; Anghami will benefit from infrastructure made to support startups, whilst Abu Dhabi will continue to attract up-and-coming tech players. Anghami will not be the only startup that moves to the emirate, many others will surely be following suit!