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Yas Mall gets botchedMENA

Yas Mall gets botched

Aldar Investment is giving Yas Mall an “extreme makeover”-style revamp that promises to improve the overall customer experience.

At AED 500m ($136m) to complete the job, the Abu Dhabi-based developer will add 100 new stores to the shopping center, as well as redesign some of the main areas. The mall’s F&B section will increase by 40%, including the introduction of a new food hall and extra outdoor terraces. New international brands will make their debut, a new sports hub will be created, plus an additional 15,000 square meters of office space will be made available.

But, before you start planning your next trip to Abu Dhabi, know that you’ll have to wait a while to check out the brand new retail center — the redevelopment work is estimated to last between 12 to 18 months.

why it matters
Aldar Properties is the UAE’s biggest publicly-listed developer, which managed to stand its ground despite the impacts of the pandemic. Their Yas Mall project is part of Abu Dhabi’s larger goals of becoming a key global destination both for tourism and business.