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What’s faster and sharper than the iPhone 12?INTL

What’s faster and sharper than the iPhone 12?

Another day, another iPhone. It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between each new iPhone, but there’s a whole lot more going on for Apple’s (APPL) latest iteration in the i-lineup than what meets the eye. Popping open it’s hood, users are going to find the iPhone 13 decked out with the company’s latest new A15 Bionic chip, which looks as cool as it sounds with its 6-core CPU. 

The phone’s powerhouse is set to offer 30% better graphics performance compared to competitors and a high-performance neural engine dedicated to running AI algorithms. While it’s hard to tell how this squares up against competitors, as the chip’s functionality grows when app developers get their hands on it and start to build it into new programs, it could spur an AI-race. It’s already coming out of the box with snazzy new features like automatically translating text in another language for you.

Aside from the headlining iPhone though, Apple also announced upgrades to its Apple Watch and iPad. The Apple Watch Series 7 got a design refresh with a larger screen, while the iPad got a camera upgrade and a new 5G Mini model.

why it matters

New Apple event = stock price changes. Apple’s stock has been taking a bit of a hit recently as the company was sued by app developers (*ahem*, Epic). The share price dipped yesterday before closing the day at a modest 0.7% rise, while still being 1.3% down over the last month.