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What went down (literally) at Facebook this weekend?INTL

What went down (literally) at Facebook this weekend?

It’s okay, Facebook (FB), just don’t let it happen again! If you experienced issues logging into Facebook or its platforms last Friday, you weren’t the only one. Over 1.2m people were unable to log into Instagram while 23,000 users wouldn’t log onto WhatsApp.

The data was collected by the outage tracking website downdetector.com (of course there’s a website for this!). Downdetector tracks online outages by analyzing status reports from several different sources, including user-submitted errors on its platform.

It isn’t clear what caused the outages, and Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment. We can only shake our heads and imagine all the quality selfies the world missed out on during the outage — but hey, nobody’s perfect.

why it matters
With so many people hooked on apps like Instagram and Whatsapp, outages are quite embarrassing. In this case, however, since a couple of days have already passed since the incident and no one has deactivated their accounts because of the outage, so it's safe to say that Facebook is in the clear over this slipup.