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We called it! Another SoftBank company IPOsINTL

We called it! Another SoftBank company IPOs

You heard it from us first, y’all. Another SoftBank-backed company is filing for an IPO — and we’re struggling to keep count at this point!

Zymergen, a science and material innovation firm that is backed by the Japanese multinational’s Vision Fund, is aiming to raise $100m in its US stock market debut — although this number is just a placeholder for now.

The California-based company develops and sells bio-based innovative materials using a biofacturing platform. Zymergen’s first product, Hyaline (which is an optical film that can be used in the making of foldable touchscreens) was launched towards the end of last year.

If you’re wondering what biofacturing is, we got you: it’s the practice of combining high tech-like machine learning and automation with the field of biology in order to come up with breakthrough materials. 

why it matters
Zymergen joins the list of Vision Fund companies set to make waves in the tech industry — previous visionary investments in its portfolio included Uber and DoorDash (DASH). Meanwhile, SoftBank keeps on racking wins with a series of public listing filings this year, including Didi Chuxing Technology and Coupang (CPNG).