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UFC and TikTok are game to work togetherINTL

UFC and TikTok are game to work together

TikTok and UFC are like chocolate and avocado. You wouldn’t think the pair would make sense, but somehow they taste awesome together!

The social media giant and the mixed martial arts organization agreed on a multi-year partnership that will allow TikTok to stream exclusive content for UFC fans all around the world. This includes a weekly Livestream of not only the actual fights but also behind-the-scenes action, interviews with athletes, and much more.

UFC is one of the most-followed sports league accounts on the social media platform, so it makes sense that they would want to give back to fans. And honestly, who doesn’t want to know what Conor McGregor is actually like outside the ring?!

why it matters
On the business side of things, UFC is looking for an alternative revenue stream out of the partnership – particularly now that the pandemic has made the future of live sports events so unstable – and TikTok has the potential to become a major sports hub for fans to gather in support of their favorite athletes and discover new communities.