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Uber stuck in a drivers-with-benefits relationshipINTL

Uber stuck in a drivers-with-benefits relationship

After a long-standing feud with the British courts, Uber (UBER) is finally agreeing (or rather being forced) to reclassify its UK drivers from “independent contractors” to actual “workers”. The Supreme Court told the company it had to provide its drivers with certain benefits as full-time workers, like minimum wage, pension, and vacation time. The changes don’t apply to Uber Eats food delivery workers, though.

This lawsuit has been dragging since 2016, and the court’s ultimate ruling marks a defeat for Uber in the UK, but it doesn’t seem to have affected their operations in other countries (for now, at least). In fact, Uber had a close call in California recently as a ballot measure concluded that gig economy firms are exempt from a law that would have forced them to reclassify drivers similarly.

why it matters
Uber and fellow gig economy companies argue that the flexible-work model is what makes working for the company so appealing. However, many of Uber's drivers actually would like to push for the opposite — trade union recognition.