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UAE will finally let foreigners in its inner circleMENA

UAE will finally let foreigners in its inner circle

Tell your friends who are scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, and authors it’s time to move to the UAE!

Over the weekend, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum announced a new path to Emirati citizenship for select foreigners. The new amendment to the country’s law will allow people with special skills to obtain citizenship, upon meeting certain criteria. Foreigners who qualify will be able to keep their existing citizenship (ie they’d qualify for dual citizenship). 

While the UAE has made its visa system more flexible in recent years by extending residency length for certain types of investors, students, and professionals, attaining citizenship has been difficult, if not impossible. So, if you previously thought the county had long-term commitment issues, it’s now clear they’re looking for serious relationships moving forward.

why it matters
By allowing certain foreigners to become dual citizens, Sheikh Mohammed hopes to attract more bright and talented minds to the UAE. This would surely create wins for the country's economy as it continues to position itself as the hub of the GCC (if not MENA) for many industries.