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Twitter shopping is live!INTL

Twitter shopping is live!

Musk can finally put his tweets to good use now and maybe get a few followers to buy a couple of Teslas (TSLA) as Twitter’s (TWTR) recent feature now allows users to sell products through live-streaming. 

The feature, announced by Twitter a few days ago, allows people to watch their favorite accounts live-stream through a video feed on the top half of their screen while the bottom half shows a roster of products seen in the video available for purchase through a single click. It’s all a digital QVC.

Twitter is testing out the first iteration of its new feature with no other than perhaps the biggest retailer in the US — Walmart (WMT). The large consumer-goods business will be live streaming starting next week with Jason Derulo (yes, you read that right, Jason Derulo) hosting a 30-minute show where he walks through electronics, home goods, and home decor. Who would’ve thought Jason would end up becoming a Walmarts sales guy?

why it matters

Fleets might’ve been a flop, but Spaces has been becoming a far superior Clubhouse-alternative, and now live-stream shopping might just be Twitter’s next step in adding more functionality (which equals more time spent on the app). Twitter stock was up by 0.5% yesterday.