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Twitch’s data on deckINTL

Twitch’s data on deck

Honestly, social media sites need to get themselves together — from outages to whistleblowers… and now, in Twitch’s case, data leaks. A leaker reportedly announced that it had gained access to Amazon (AMZN)-backed Twitch’s data repositories.

The leak is said to encompass the platform’s source code, proprietary software, and even the code for unreleased features. It’s also been said to contain information on how much different creators earn on the platform — and let’s just say there are some pretty big bucks flowing around in the game streaming space. The leaker’s motivation stems from an outcry against the platform in early September. At the time, users boycotted the platform to prompt the company to take action against automated bots that spread hate messages in large numbers towards streamers.

why it matters

When users last boycotted Twitch, viewership numbers dropped to the lowest they’d been in the eight days prior, while #ADayOffTwitch was in the top 10 trending on Twitter. Data leaks or outages — Twitch better get on it fast to avoid a bad PR repeat.