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There’s no messing with Alphabet employees as they unionizeINTL

There’s no messing with Alphabet employees as they unionize

Over 200 employees at Google’s parent company, Alphabet, have signed on to unionize. Forcing the Silicon Valley giant to live up to its motto, “Don’t be evil,” workers at Alphabet announced the creation of the Alphabet Workers Union after years of pleading for internal change.

The union’s members pledged to set aside 1% of their yearly wages towards union dues. This fund will be used to support members in the event of an unpaid strike, for instance. According to Business Insider, the union’s main purpose will be to promote “inclusivity and ethics” at Google rather than try to bargain demands.

Google has not been without its fair share of labor issues over the years (throwback to that 2018 Google walkout and subsequently reported retaliation), so it was only a matter of time until they said enough is enough.

why it matters
While it may seem like the number of workers who signed on so far is a drop in the Alphabet ocean (the company employs over 130,000 people), this is a rare event in the tech industry, which is known for being resistant to formal labor unions. It also follows a recent trend of activism in tech that saw lots of industry workers speak out on major issues such as data surveillance. Fingers crossed this will open the way for other San Francisco giants, as well as smaller firms, to elevate their workers’ voices.