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The breathalyzer expands to Covid-19 testing in DubaiMENA

The breathalyzer expands to Covid-19 testing in Dubai

Breathalyzers aren’t just for catching drunk drivers anymore. The Dubai Health Authority recently announced an initiative to launch a breath test that can detect Covid-19 in less than a minute — talk about putting the timer on!

The breath test was developed by Breathonix, a spin-off company associated with the National University of Singapore. A trial is currently being conducted in partnership with the Mohammad Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences to determine the accuracy and reliability of the breath test.

To use the test, users simply blow into a disposable mouthpiece, which collects their breath into a high-precision breath sampler. The sample is then analyzed using machine learning software (gotta throw in some tech jargon there!) and the results are generated.

why it matters
Health officials in the UAE are excited about what the breath test means for the country’s fight against Covid-19. According to the Dubai Health Authority, “if approved and implemented, this technology will significantly reduce the burden on laboratory processing” and would be “highly efficient for mass screening especially in areas of high-traffic.”