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Tesla hits Ctrl+Alt+Del on 135,000 vehiclesINTL

Tesla hits Ctrl+Alt+Del on 135,000 vehicles

What do you do when your screen freezes?

You hit CTRL+Alt+… recall! Well, if you’re Tesla, at least.

Jokes aside, you might actually have to get your car checked as Tesla (TSLA) just issued one of its largest recalls yet (over 135,000 vehicles) due to a series of touchscreen failures. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pushed for the recall.

The issue seems to be with the company’s memory chip, which reportedly fails once the storage capacity is reached. This can result in a series of serious problems with the rearview camera, turn signals, as well as the popular self-driving function.

Seems like an obvious thing to have missed, right? Tesla argues it is infeasible to have the memory chip last the vehicle’s entire useful life without having to be changed. But still, in an all-electric car, system failures as serious as these are hard to swallow!

why it matters
This is quite a big blow for Tesla given its position as the leading player in the electric vehicle market. If they can't get it right, what chance do the rest have? The market seems to agree as Tesla’s shares dropped at least 1.5% on Wednesday following the news (though they had been heading upwards for the past few days).