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Take your rap battles off the streets and onto BARSINTL

Take your rap battles off the streets and onto BARS

Why take your chances rap battling in the streets when you can now do so from the comfort of your own living room? Last week, Facebook (FB) launched beta testing for BARS on the iOS App Store. The new app takes inspiration from TikTok, allowing users to record videos (up to 60-seconds) of themselves rapping and then share them on other social media platforms.

BARS was designed with help from a team of aspiring rappers and resembles TikTok with its two-tabbed vertical video interface. If users find themselves nodding along with a certain post, they can give it a “fire” by tapping the video.

BARS is Facebook’s most recent attempt to emulate popular trends in tech. We’ll see if this one sticks around.

why it matters
As the app is still a work in progress, Facebook will have to figure out how to best stir up engagement. Creating a “follow” feature might be a good place to start, just a suggestion from our side!