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Slide into my Slack DMs… or not!INTL

Slide into my Slack DMs… or not!

It didn’t take Slack (WORK) very long at all to roll back their latest feature. Earlier last week, the workplace messaging platform debuted a new feature called Slack Connect that allows users to send direct messages to other users across different organizations, so long as they had that user’s email address. Even if the recipient had disabled Slack Connect, they would still receive an email with the sender’s invitation.

Sounds like a pushy Aunti, right? Users agree as they immediately pushed back, claiming the new feature could lead to unwanted harassment.

Slack was open to feedback, though — within hours, it tweaked the new feature and promised to disable the option to send a message along with the invitation to chat.

why it matters
Slack faces no shortage of competition in the new work-from-home world. In order to hold onto market share, they have no choice but to test out new features, but will have to face facts that they're not all going to work out!