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Shopify is forcing you to get socialINTL

Shopify is forcing you to get social

Shopify (SHOP) is entering the social networks through a new partnership with Facebook. Its checkout payment option, Shop Pay, will now be available to all Shopify merchants that want to be able to sell on Facebook and Instagram.

Prior to this partnership, Shop Pay was only available on Shopify’s own platform. However, moving forward, people browsing retailers’ Instagram accounts can click directly on tagged products to purchase them, without ever leaving the app. So, for those of you trying to kick-off a bad shopping habit, the temptation just got way harder to resist!

why it matters
Many well-known retailers are already on Shopify, including Kylie Cosmetics, Allbirds, and Beyond Yoga. But it seems that the company wants a larger share of the e-commerce opportunity. This partnership will allow Shopify to access the billions of people (and counting) that Facebook and Instagram already have at their fingertips.