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Seafood buffet, anyone?MENA

Seafood buffet, anyone?

Saudi Arabia’s very own version of Orbit City — aka NEOM — has joined forces with Tabuk Fish Company, an associate firm of the publicly-listed Jazan Energy and Development Company (JAZADCO), to set up the largest fish farm in MENA. The goal is to enhance the production of local species in the Red Sea to hit KSA’s annual target (600,000 tons of fish products) by 2030. This will only be viable by taking pressure from wild fish stocks and investing in sustainable marine aquaculture.

NEOM is a $500b Sim City-like project developed for the purpose of incorporating smart-city technologies. It’s overseen by the NEOM Company, which is fully owned by Saudi’s Public Investment Fund. Alongside Tabuk, the duo will use innovative tech and aquaculture methods to achieve sustainable fish production (those who recently watched ‘Seaspiracy’ may now take a breather).

why it matters
The main goal of Vision 2030 is to expand and diversify revenue sources for Saudi – including making the country self-reliant in the fish production department. In any case, the aquaculture industry (the world’s fastest-growing food sector, btw) is considered key to achieving food security, job creation, and economic growth in the region.