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Roku and Shopify sitting in a tree…INTL

Roku and Shopify sitting in a tree…

Good news for Shopify (SHOP) store owners. Last week, Roku (ROKU) announced the creation of a new app that will allow Shopify merchants to run and measure the performance of advertising campaigns on the TV streaming platform.

The app is expected to launch just in time for this year’s holiday season and will be the first-ever TV streaming app on the Shopify App Store. The app is expected to help small and medium-sized businesses build brand awareness and drive revenues through TV advertising.

Shopify merchants will be able to precisely target their select audiences, control budgets, and set duration for their ad campaigns. The app will also give them the metrics needed to track success.

why it matters

Some Shopify merchants have already been given the chance to experiment with TV advertising on the Roku platform. Apparel company and Shopify merchant Jambys measured a 63% increase in consideration among potential buyers who saw their ads while watching TV on Roku.