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Pixel 6s over iPhone 13s? INTL

Pixel 6s over iPhone 13s? 

Apple’s (APPL) not the only one with launch event after launch event as Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google revealed its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro line-up on Tuesday. The new phones mark the first to house Google’s own Tensor processor, instead of its standard third-party Qualcomm (QCOM) chip.

The custom-built chip isn’t its only feature though, as the company’s phones are also priced competitively compared to Apple. The Pixel 6 comes in at a $600 starting price, actually cheaper than its predecessor while the Pixel 6 Pro comes in at $900, slightly more in the high-end range. The price cuts, especially for the Pixel 6, come as part of Google’s strategy of dialing in on what it knows best. The company’s forte has historically been in the software space as the developer of the Android OS and the new phones are said to embody that philosophy. The company’s Tensor chip runs Google’s latest Android 12, which includes features like live translation while messaging someone.

why it matters

Google’s Pixel 6 release in the midst of $1,000+ iPhones and Samsung Galaxys means the company’s not looking to follow the flock but instead carve out its own niche — relatively stable hardware but superb software. Alphabet’s stock has been 1.7% up over the past five days.