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Outage alert!INTL

Outage alert!

A “404 Not Found” kind of situation hit Reddit, many news outlets, and the UK government’s website recently, when services from content-delivery network Fastly (fstly) went down. Mayday, mayday!

Fastly is a high-level website and application hosting service used by large enterprises to deliver their content to millions of users simultaneously. The company said the issue was caused by its content delivery network and that it would continue investigating the issue.

Meanwhile, people went wild on social media, feeling truly lost as some of the world’s largest websites weren’t responding. Is this what the end of the world will look like – meme stock trading panicking upon Reddit’s dispair?

why it matters
Content hosting platforms are critical for the internet to function smoothly. They're quite fragile, on that note, as the smallest of issues can immediately send them offline, causing mayhem (case in point) until the problem is solved.