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Now you can really just grab-and-go in London at an Amazon storeINTL

Now you can really just grab-and-go in London at an Amazon store

Amazon’s cashier-free supermarket is a zero-human-interaction zone, and it just opened up in London’s Ealing neighborhood. This would make it Amazon’s first grocery store outside the US.

The payment process works by having customers first scan a QR code via a smartphone app upon entering the store, then their Amazon accounts are charged for the items that they pick up. See, as they fill up their shopping carts, cameras and sensors track the items taken off the shelves and add them to a “tab”. An e-receipt gets generated for every store visit, of course.

Amazon (AMZN) has seen an uptick in demand for its cashier-less stores, especially with the pandemic bringing out the anti-social in all of us. Its automated checkout technology was also recently introduced at Dallas Airport’s Hudson store, allowing flyers to more easily grab a snack while sprinting to the gate!

why it matters
COVID-19 highlighted the fact that people are ready to embrace the “grocery store of the future” concept. This has opened doors for many tech companies at the forefront of the revolution, such as Starship Technologies and Chowbotics (the creators of Sally, the kitchen robot). FYI, the latter was recently bought by DoorDash (DASH).