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Nestle’s getting jacked in time for summerINTL

Nestle’s getting jacked in time for summer

Nestle (NESN) is apparently trying to bulk up in time for summer by introducing more protein and supplements into its diet! The Swiss giant confirmed it is in talks to buy The Bountiful Company, the KKR-backed firm behind Nature’s Bounty vitamins.

Bountiful was reportedly going a different route (word on the street is it was gearing up for a $6b US IPO), so Nestle must be offering the big bucks for their acquisition.

Nestle just reported record quarterly net profit numbers last week and is now looking to expand its business in alignment with global sustainability and health trends – enter Bountiful’s range of supplements, multivitamins, and probiotics. They’ve even been trying to shed off brands that are no longer in keeping with this new vision, such as its American and Canadian bottled water brands.

why it matters
Demand for vitamins and mineral supplements has boomed during the pandemic as people look for products that they hope will improve their immunity levels and overall wellbeing – so this Bountiful deal would check the boxes of Nestle’s latest portfolio aspirations.