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Musk’s $21b pollINTL

Musk’s $21b poll

A tweet worth billions, literally. Given the US Democratic party’s recent move to tax billionaires, Elon has left it to his 62.5 million Twitter fanbase to decide his fate. In a democratic move himself, he asked his followers to vote if he should keep or sell his 10% Tesla (TSLA) stock. Believe it or not, 59% of 5.3 million users voted that he should sell! By the way, that 10% equates to $21b worth of stock in the electric carmaker.

But, was this inevitable? You see, at a recent event, he mentioned that would have to sell some of his stock in Q4 because his stock options were expiring. Unluckily for Tesla, that sent its stock price down 5% in premarket trading on Monday morning following the poll. The people have spoken.

why it matters

Musk has the power to engage his community as much as (or even more than) the Kardashians. Be it crypto or memes, it seems like he was the power to shoot anything to the moon... or dusk. What will the target of his next tweet be? We can't wait to find out!