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Meta doesn’t want to see your face again!INTL

Meta doesn’t want to see your face again!

Meta Platforms (that’ll take some getting used to), aka Facebook (FB), is planning to remove the social media site’s facial recognition feature. If things weren’t confusing already with the name change, the software’s only getting removed from Facebook but not from Meta, the parent company.

This comes in the midst of growing concerns over Facebook’s privacy practices — the removal is the company basically trying to get back in people’s good books. Meta, though, will still use the feature in cases of identity verification, but with explicit approval from users.

The privacy concern isn’t Meta-specific with tech giant Apple (AAPL) issuing new measures last year, which limited data collection for advertising. Facebook’s grudgingly moving to be pro-privacy, but it’s still coming for Apple with recent news that a Meta Watch is in the works. A leaked picture shows the device has a front camera, possibly to tie in to Meta’s whole VR play.

why it matters

Facebook’s whistleblower leak over the last month showed that the site was aware of privacy issues but chose to do nothing about it. It’s uncertain whether a name-change and partially giving up Black Mirror-like tech will be enough to make people forget. The company’s stock was up by 1.0% at market close yesterday.