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McAfee makes $4b from enterprise businessINTL

McAfee makes $4b from enterprise business

McAfee (MCFE), aka the security software company pinging your laptop every single day, has agreed to sell its enterprise business to a consortium led by Symphony Technology Group for $4b.

Symphony Technology Group seems to be on the hunt for similar companies as it also recently bought RSA from Dell Technologies not long ago.

According to McAfee’s CEO, after spending much of the past decade transitioning to an enterprise security powerhouse, McAfee is now Marie Kondo-ing its operations to focus on consumer cybersecurity — ok, he may not have said that verbatim, but that was the gist!

why it matters
RSA and McAfee combined have the potential to become a stronger enterprise security powerhouse than either of them separately. However, the wider, booming cloud industry will force cybersecurity players to up their game — so watch this space for how the industry dynamics will play out!