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MAF beats Amazon to MENA’s first checkout-free storeMENA

MAF beats Amazon to MENA’s first checkout-free store

How many times were you forced to wait in line at the grocery store just wishing to be back home laying down on your sofa? Trust us, we feel the pain, and now thanks to the launch of Majd Al Futtaim (MAF)’s contactless, checkout-free stores, there may finally be a solution.

The new Carrefour+ store in Mall of the Emirates will allow customers to pick up their products and exit without any staff interaction (hint, hint, Amazon). How does this work? Just download the MAF Carrefour app on your mobile phone, and all items picked up will be automatically added to your digital shopping cart. Don’t worry, though, you won’t be charged for those items until you physically leave the store (so you can choose to put back your pack of chips without getting charged).

This is the first time Carrefour has opened up such a store worldwide. Its stock was up 1.74% at market opening on Monday. 

why it matters

Now that people are used to shopping queue-free online, a contactless check-out store facility will provide customers with the same quick and hassle-free shopping experience that they're now more accustomed to — possibly a good incentive to get them back into physical stores.