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LinkedIn wants to be Instagram, or even TikTokINTL

LinkedIn wants to be Instagram, or even TikTok

Buttoned-up LinkedIn is trying to keep up with its hipper, trendier competitors. Last week, the platform launched the “Creator Accelerator Program”, an initiative aimed at developing, supporting, and retaining creative talent.

LinkedIn has invested $25m into the initiative, which will offer ten weeks of coaching, networking, and opportunities to be featured on LinkedIn channels. Up to 100 US-based creators will get to take part in the program and will be given $15,000 grants to help them create content, spark engagement, and build audiences. Think you have what it takes?

why it matters

The Creator Accelerator Program is LinkedIn's, and parent company Microsoft's (MSFT), attempt to keep up with the quickly-evolving creator economy. As individual digital creators become an increasingly more important driver of engagement on social media platforms, companies are realizing they must be willing to make big investments to attract the best and brightest.