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Let’s set a date and time through SlackINTL

Let’s set a date and time through Slack

Slack Technologies (WORK) is definitely not slacking around! The workplace communication services company is buying Woven as it looks to expand its calendar app offering, although it didn’t reveal for how much. Woven is a popular calendar app that, according to its chief executive, has scheduled over 2.2 million events over the short span of two years.

Slack itself is in the process of being acquired by cloud-based software company Salesforce.com Inc (CRM), whose CEO you may know as the really prolific Wall Street entrepreneur Marc Benioff. Its shares on the NYSE opened higher on Monday following the news.

why it matters
The deal will surely boost Woven’s position on the calendar technology market while allowing Slack to compete against players like Google (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT) – both of which have really strong calendar features.