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Leejam’s sprint to the UAEMENA

Leejam’s sprint to the UAE

Lejamming it up! Saudi’s leading fitness chain, Leejam, is definitely more serious about taking up Dubai’s 30×30 November challenge than us all. After scoring more than 140 centers in Saudi Arabia, Leejam is dribbling its way to Sharjah with 2 centers at Al Hazannah district (with one exclusively for ladies). Together, these centers will be massive — 5,200 square meters, to be exact.

What this really means is: no more excuses to not hit the gym! JK, we’re excited to see what would Leejam’s entry mean for the UAE fitness scene, given it’s a hotbed for international fitness chains such as Barry’s Bootcamp and F45 (FXLV).

why it matters

It's becoming more and more evident that most people prefer to work out at actual gyms. We wonder how many more at-home fitness-focused companies will suffer as a result — Peleton (PTON), we're looking at you... sorry!