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Jaguar plans to go fully electric by 2025INTL

Jaguar plans to go fully electric by 2025

You know there is a lot of dollars to be made when the luxury brands start joining the race.

In yet another clear sign of development for the automobile industry, British car manufacturer Jaguar announced its plans to go fully electric by 2025. The company will also launch electric models of its entire Land Rover range by 2030.

The move is being called the UK’s response to Tesla (a little delayed, perhaps?).

To achieve this ambitious goal, the company expects to spend around £2.5b a year on new technology.

why it matters
The decision is a great step towards a more sustainable car industry, and it follows similar announcements from major carmakers such as Volkswagen and General Motors. This leaves little space for traditional automakers to conduct their strategies if not towards a climate-friendly direction.