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It’s official, Facebook “unfriends” AustraliaINTL

It’s official, Facebook “unfriends” Australia

We’ve all been there when we realize an old school “unfriended” us on Facebook – and yet it’s still shocking!?

Now imagine that, on a global stage. Australia’s planned law that would force tech goliaths like Facebook and Google to pay for news content is being side-eyed by the world.

It’s a world-first and aims to address the media’s loss of advertising revenue to tech firms. The only problem is Facebook is biting back. Much like the awkward conversation you have when bumping into an “unfriended” friend at a party, Facebook has also decided to “ignore” Australia by blocking Australian users from sharing or viewing news, causing further outrage and uproar.

why it matters
The ban marks a sudden loss of access to a number of trusted sources, with many pointing out that Facebook is a crucial way that people receive emergency updates about the pandemic and natural disasters (something particularly important for Australians where wildfires can occur).