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It’s a win for LululemonINTL

It’s a win for Lululemon

For those who still doubt that athleisurewear is here to stay – Lululemon (LULU) is here to prove y’all wrong.

The athletic apparel company announced that it expects its profit and sales numbers for the fourth quarter, which ends on January 31, to beat its previous forecasts. This is hardly surprising considering athleisurewear and loungewear were the big winners of the 2020 lockdown fashion trend (why would you have needed to ever get out of your favorite leggings during that time?)

The better-than-expected outlook was driven by an exceptionally good holiday season. Lululemon’s shares were down around 3% after the markets opened on Monday, but likely because investors expected the brand to boost its outlook according to the data.

why it matters
The retail industry as a whole suffered in 2020, so Lululmen's win stands in contrast to its peer. While the vaccines bring a glimmer of light for the year ahead, it will take a while before the majority of the population gets its shot. And with the increase of COVID-19 cases around the world and the roll-out of more lockdown restrictions, particularly in Europe and the US, it seems the need to buy anything other than athleisurewear isn’t going to return very soon.