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Instagram puts its kids product on hold INTL

Instagram puts its kids product on hold 

What’s wrong with having a 10 year old take selfies and posting them on their own social media page? “Nothing,” thought Instagram. That’s why the famous social media app launched Instagram Kids — a version of the social media platform targeted toward children under 13 years old. Well, the backlash was serious, to say the least.

Child advocates, parents, and lawmakers joined forces to denounce the launch of Instagram Kids, accusing the company of putting kids’ safety at risk. In reality, Instagram Kids was meant to solve the very issue that the company is now being accused of: guaranteeing the safety of children on social media.

But, safety can be interpreted in many different ways. This time around, Instagram is faced with new research determining that social media is harmful to the mental health of young teens. Facebook (BF)’s stock plunged 3.66% today.   

why it matters

The accusation against Instagram is so broad that it questions other social media platforms, such as the highly addictive and teen-populated TikTok. Social media platforms may need to start considering contingency plans to protect themselves against further initiatives focused on the mental health of "younger" ones.