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InMobi plans on a big, fat IPO celebrationINTL

InMobi plans on a big, fat IPO celebration

InMobi is planning an Indian wedding-sized IPO that is set to send shockwaves through the US markets!

The global provider of mobile advertising services is expecting to make a bombastic entrance on American stock markets with a public offering that could be as large as $1b. If successful, this IPO could up InMobi’s valuation to $12-15b, making this unicorn truly rare.

The pandemic has been rather benevolent for InMobi’s industry, with the rise of mobile gaming, shopping, and video streaming. The company’s business model focuses on using algorithms that deliver targeted ads to users’ mobile phones.

why it matters
Lots of Asian companies are waltzing their way to the US public markets this year as the IPO market is hotter than vindaloo at the moment. InMobi could potentially pave the way for others in India to follow.