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In the case of MSCHF vs. NikeINTL

In the case of MSCHF vs. Nike

It seems American rapper Lil Nas X took his creative license with Nike (NKE) a little too far. Nike is filing a lawsuit over a devilish collaboration between the rapper and New York-based art collective MSCHF. Here’s the down-low (warning: some freaky stuff comin’ up):

Lil Nas X had a deal with Nike to release limited edition Air Max 97s. However, Lil Nas X didn’t want his shoes to be just like every other athlete’s or celebrity’s — so, the rapper enlisted the help of MSCHF to create “Satan Shoes” tied to the release of his new song “Montero”. The red and black shoes featured a Bible verse referencing the devil, and even a drop of human blood graciously donated by members of MSCHF.

Now, Nike claims the sneakers are tarnishing its brand name and reputation as some people believe Nike is even endorsing satanism. You’d think that someone from Nike would have signed off on the design before production?!

why it matters
While a judge has ordered sales of the Satan Shoes to be ceased, most of the 666 pairs have already been shipped to customers. Unfortunately for Nike, the news headlines and social media chatter are compounding the brand damage, and some people are threatening to "never buy Nike shoes ever again."