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Huuuge plans IPO (no, that’s not a typo)INTL

Huuuge plans IPO (no, that’s not a typo)

“Huuuge” news for the Polish gaming industry after Huuuge Inc. announced it will raise up to $150m from an upcoming share issue as part of its IPO in the Central European nation. The US-registered firm, which first submitted the IPO prospectus in Warsaw last August, plans on using the IPO cash for potential investments and acquisitions.

Poland’s low labor costs and increasingly younger workforce make Poland attractive to lots of companies in the tech sector, including video game developers and exporters.

why it matters
The Polish gaming industry has been flourishing in the past couple of years, prompted by the success of national games maker CD Projekt. Huuuge is one of the many companies in the gaming industry that benefited big-time from the aftermath of people locked down in their houses seeking entertainment since the onset of COVID-19, and it is now reaping the IPO benefits (and we expect more companies to follow this route).