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Honeywell gets some #willpowerINTL

Honeywell gets some #willpower

If you have been looking for cooler-looking face masks to replace your faithful N95s, look no further: Will.i.am, Black Eyed Peas member and prolific entrepreneur, partnered with Honeywell (HON) to deliver a high-tech face mask called Xupermask.  

The manufacturing conglomerate brings to the table its patented HEPA filters, which allow for easier breathing. The battery-powered mask, which retails at a whopping $299, features LED lights, Bluetooth, noise-canceling headphones, and built-in fans, among loads more cool features. Will argues that once products are considered protective gear (such as sneakers), they have the potential for people to splurge on them — which is the ambition in this case regarding face masks. If that becomes true, we wouldn’t be surprised if queueing for days for a Frank Ocean mask becomes a thing!

why it matters
We “gotta feeling” not that many people will want to spend hundreds of bucks on a face mask – especially because everyone is crossing their fingers for people to start getting out of their homes already now that vaccine roll-outs are underway.