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Get some AlBilad Diversified SAR Fund fresh on the marketMENA

Get some AlBilad Diversified SAR Fund fresh on the market

We have a new shining star in the Tadawul after the Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA) approved the initial public offering of AlBilad Investment Company’s AlBilad Diversified SAR Fund.

Now, the CMA is basically that one best friend that always warns you before you do something risky. So, though they told the Saudi Stock Exchange that the fund met all the regulatory requirements to be able to sell its units publicly, the regulator made sure to point out that its approval of the public offering shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement of the fund, telling investors to “read the fund’s terms and conditions” so as to “assess the feasibility of the investment”.

why it matters
Saudi Arabia continues driving initiatives that target both local and foreign investment. The Tadawul is set to host more IPOs than ever, so we can expect more of these high-profile public listings to come through in 2021.